Arkeolog 8 – PUCK from Arkeolog 8 on Vimeo.

PUCK is a dance performance that takes on ice hockey aesthetics and culture. A raw and physical performance structured like an ice hockey game – in three periods á 20 minutes. Arkeolog 8 dives into a very popular sport, and examines the structures and norms of the culture and dynamics and patterns of the movements. Sometimes you see glimpses of fragility and affectionate closeness but often PUCK a sweaty, hard and grueling challenge. PUCK is a fast-paced game with fierce dance. Get ready for face-off!


Camilla Reppen, Camilla Walków, Clara Bankefors, Josefine Alfredsson, Tarika Wahlberg, Cajsa Godée

To book trailer version, one or two periods or the whole show, mail us at hello@arkeolog8.se

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PUCK project description

With support from:
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